Easy Ticketing and Registration

Sell tickets and enable registration to your event in less than 5 minutes through a wide range of channels.

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Custom Registration Page

Dedicated event page with your own banner, logo, location and tickets/registration types. Looks good on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.

Multi-Session Registration

Offering session based registration types, with different type of pricing, and different agendas.

Invitation Only Registration

Enable Invitation only registration i.e. only those who have been invited can proceed to buy and those who are not invited could submit the invitation request form. In-built emailing solution to send invitation seamlessly and invitation form design to design the queries.

Group Registration

Offer group registration by enabling one person to register on behalf of the group, offer discounts for the group. Members of the group can cancel or substitute as per your event rule.

Facebook Registration App

Use Explara's Facebook App to show your registration page and registration types on your Facebook Page! Reach your audience on social web and increase engagement.

Mobile Access

Access event page from anywhere and buy/sell using mobile or online!

Guest Registration

Invite your special guests, sponsors and associates via in-built guest registration mechanism. Reduces the pain of having separate registration sheets/manual mechanism to maintain guest.

Waiting List

The ability to open waiting lists for guests to register their interest in purchasing a ticket for an event or activity that is currently sold-out.

Registration Widget

Event widget makes it easy for you to sell registrations from your website. Just 2 lines of html code to embed/paste on your website.

Registration Syntax

Want to use different syntax like tickets and ticketing, or donation and donors, we have sytnax for it. Just on click for event types to switch syntax!

Multi-venue Registration

Organizing event in different locations? Add as many venue as you need, your event page will show location with maps.

Social Media Integration

Create some hype, and encourage your attendees to promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to their network.

Customize Registration Form

Collect information from your attendees during the ticket purchasing process. View the results in-app or download the results to process them offline.

Ticket Level Attendee Form

With in the same event, you can add different sets of attendee form for each ticket types. This way, you may not like to force buyer to provide redundant data.

API Integration

Integrate the Explara platform with your website with our API for event listing, registration types and allowing your buyers to buy and also get attendee list.

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