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Simplifying Business & Technology Events .

It has never been so easy to organize a Business Conference or a Start up Hackathon. All you need to do is focus on the content and venue. Explara’s end-to-end Ticketing Platform will help you set up, manage and process registrations for any business & technology Event: Trainings & Workshops, Expos & Trade shows, Travel & Tourism Conferences, Webinars, Hackathons, SMEs, Etail, Exhibitions, Real Estate, Mobile Technology, Web Technology, Business Strategy, Programming, Gems & Jewellery, Rubycon, Pycon, Automobiles, Media, Networking & Socializing Events, Start up weekends, Accelerator workshops.


  • Custom Registration Page
  • Customize your registration page as per your event requirements. Use your branded pictures to make yourself at home even in our portal.
  • Multi-Session Registration
  • Divide your event into sessions and manage several agendas with ease. Choose your pricing for each.
  • Invitation Only Registration
  • Your event, your audience. Ensure the right mix of people at your event with our selective registration feature.
  • Group Registration
  • Make team participation in business events hassle-free by enabling them to register the entire team at one go.
  • Facebook Registration
  • Get increased visibility for your business events by linking your registration page on Facebook with the Explara App.
  • Multi-venue Registration
  • As your business grows, so will your needs. Organize and manage events in multiple locations in one go.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Increase your reach and visibility by integrating event registrations with your favourite social media platforms.
  • Mobile Access
  • Enjoy complete access to registration activity and details on your mobile. Time is money.
  • Guest Registration
  • Register your special invitees and guests via our in-built guest registration feature. Manage your attendee lists easily.
  • Registration Widget
  • Highlight your event and simplify registrations through a registration widget on your website.
  • Customize Registration Form
  • Learn more about your attendees before the event. Customize your event registration form to collect information which you can view in-app or download offline for further processing.
  • Ticket Level Attendee Form
  • Reduce data redundancy by adding different attendee forms for different tickets.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • Convenience is key. Choose from our variety of comfortable payment options.
  • Offline Payment Processing
  • We're nothing if not flexible. Feel free to check out our offline mode of payments.
  • Paypal Integration
  • Integrate your PayPal account to have your money directly routed to your account.
  • Payment Wallets
  • We support your preferred Payment wallet. Use your preferred wallet to make payment.
  • Pay outs
  • Fastest disbursement in the industry. Don't wait for your pay outs.
  • Multiple Price Options
  • Offer several ticket prices, discounts and currency options for your attendees.
  • Flexible Registration Fee
  • Simplify management of registration fees by either absorbing it or passing it on to the buyer as service and extra fees.
  • Multiple Currency Options
  • Organizing an International event just got easier with different registration types based on different currencies.
  • Discount Codes
  • Boost ticket sales and promote your event through exciting discount offers. Choose the discount codes, number of registrations, deadline for discount and bulk discounts.
  • Travel Booking Integration
  • Offer travel booking options for your attendees to make the commute easier for the participation.
  • Email Marketing
  • Market your event through targeted mailers. We also give you an option to feature your event in our weekly newsletter.
  • Affiliate Program Solution
  • Keep track of sales by your partners and affiliates through the Affiliate Program solution. Specify commissions and receive reports on their sales contributions.
  • Re-Engage Audience
  • Re-engage your past event audiences through special invitations and discounts. Upload your attendee data via CSV and let the in-built re-engage solution handle the rest.
  • Sell via Facebook Registration App
  • Reach and engage your audience by using Explara's Facebook app to feature your event registration on your Facebook page.
  • Discount Codes
  • Track impact and reach through promotional codes. Identify and leverage key performing actions.
  • Promotion Widgets
  • Promote your event with customized widgets that can be incorporated into your email/content or affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Attendee Info Management
  • You get direct access to your event's attendee data. This includes basic buyer information along with any additional data points that are part of your form design.
  • Email Attendees
  • Communicate directly to your attendees; registered, pending payment or individual attendees through our in-built emailing service.
  • In-built Buyer Support
  • Respond to buyer queries and provide support on your event page through our seamless support module.
  • Reporting Tools
  • Track and analyse registrations, sales, promotional code usage trends and other metrics with our wide range of reporting tools.
  • Event Day Entry Management Mobile App
  • Simplify your guest entries and attendee management on the big day with our handy Event Day Entry Management app.
  • Membership Joining & Renewal
  • Build professional communities. Add members and simplify their joining by customizing your registration forms. Reward loyalty.
  • Subscription & Renewal Payment Processing
  • Offer premium memberships for your community with monthly/quarterly/annual subscription offers.
  • Website & Facebook Integration
  • Integrate your event with your own website and Facebook page via API or widgets. Let your professional community grow.
  • Community Events
  • Create and organize events specially geared toward your community. You can also create open events while offering more value to your community.
  • Member Email Lists
  • Update communities about your event through member email lists. Involve thousands of professionals quickly through the member email lists that's part of your dashboard.

    Case Studies

    The Indus Entrepreneurs Conference (TiECon):

    TiE is one of the most prominent entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. Their flagship Event, TiECon is one of the largest conferences for for entrepreneurs and brings them closer to the investor community and prominent industry luminaries. The Pune chapter of TiE organized such TiECons in Mar 2013 and April 2014, Explara was the Ticketing partner for both the Conferences.

    Business Challenges:

    Since the Conferences were held in Pune, a major technovation hub, registrations and attendees were expected from from all corners of the country, and across industry sectors. Earlier versions of TiECon involved event management companies with a human interface to handle all registration and ticketing needs. TiE was looking for an automated, online system to handle various pre-event and post-event activities, as well as a mechanism to promote the event more effectively and increase registrations.

    Explara Feature Checklist:

    • Custom Registration page created
    • Registration for multiple sessions
    • Handled large number of group registrations
    • Attendees and organizers used social media extensively to promote Event
    • Payments through credit/debit cards, and PayPal for other currencies

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