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Relive the old times. Get your old classmates together. Set up and manage Alumni & Campus Events.

Inviting alumni back to Campus? Need to ensure you invite only Alumni? Worry not. Explara’s Invite Only Registration and a host of other features are designed to help you set up and manage your Event Page, Ticketing and Promotion needs. Annual Day, Campus Festival, Alumni Meet, Sports Meet, School reunion, Fresher and Farewell Parties, Cultural Festivals, Technical Festivals, Internships, Hackathons, e-Cell Events, Mixers, Seminars, Symposiums, Conferences, Jubilee Year Events.


  • Custom Registration Page
  • Take your campus online by a customized registration page for people to see your campus's culture online.
  • Multi-Session Registration
  • Have separate sessions for your event, ticket for them.
  • Invitation Only Registration
  • When you organise a reunion of old college mates, you want it to be an exclusive affair. Send out invitations.
  • Group Registration
  • What better than a campus event but one in which everyone necessary can participate? Register your entire group together.
  • Facebook Registration
  • Connect with old and new classmates on Facebook and make access to your registration page easy by linking it with the Explara App.
  • Multi-venue Registration
  • The perfect solution to organising campus fests. Register multiple venues simultaneously.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Make sure to connect with all members of your alumni or campus events by reaching out to people across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Mobile Access
  • Enable availability of your alumni and campus events on mobiles to make accessing the registration page easier.
  • Guest Registration
  • Organisers and guests can collaborate to improve the event experience. Make use of the guest registration option to make your job easier!
  • Registration Widget
  • Get your event the spotlight it deserves. Include a registration widget to increase visibility.
  • Customize Registration Form
  • Know your audience beforehand. Collect information about attendees of your event during the ticket purchasing process and view results in-app or download them.
  • Ticket Level Attendee Form
  • Separate the batches of '90 and '92 by issuing a different type of ticket form for each ticket type.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • Change has taken place over the years. You can now make payments in any way that works best for you.
  • Offline Payment Processing
  • We accept payments via cheque or DD.
  • Paypal Integration
  • Play with PayPal. Link it to our account.
  • Payment Wallets
  • You can choose to make payments with any wallet you like.
  • Pay outs
  • Work-shop, not the tiller. Fastest disbursement in the industry.
  • Multiple Price Options
  • We try to get you the best deal possible with our range of discounts and currency options.
  • Flexible Registration Fee
  • We provide you the option of either absorbing costs such as service fee and extra charges, or allowing your buyer to take care of them.
  • Multiple Currency Options
  • Use any currency you want to pay for your tickets.
  • Discount Codes
  • Why pay more when you can pay less? Avail of bulk, earlybird, promo codes etc.
  • Travel Booking Integration
  • What better than arriving at your alumni than a hassle-free travel experience, ensure through booking your travel along with your tickets.
  • Email Marketing
  • Promote your workshops and seminars through targeted mailers and invites. Convert better with customized emails.
  • Affiliate Program Solution
  • Campus events require a lot of co-ordination with different sponsors, affiliate partners and individual marketing efforts. Keep track of ticket sales and commissions through our Affiliate Program Solution.
  • Re-Engage Audience
  • Re-connect and re-engage your classmates and guests through our re-engage solution. Offer special discounts and incentives to your loyal guests.
  • Sell via Facebook Registration App
  • Facebook registrations are a great way to engage and convert your audience. Our Facebook Registration App integrates registration widgets with your Facebook page. Social events call for a social touch.
  • Discount Codes
  • Offer discount codes and promotional offers to your audience for those incredible campus evenings. With Explara you can track and manage your marketing efforts through discount code activity and focus on bettering engagement by identifying high performing activities.
  • Promotion Widgets
  • Your alma mater matters. Promote your event and pull out the big guns with promotional widgets linked to your website and online marketing efforts.
  • Attendee Info Management
  • Access all those lost contacts and campus fest attendee information. Your event attendee data at your fingertips. Get access to additional information through customized registration forms.
  • Email Attendees
  • Communicate with your old classmates and campus event attendees through our in-built emailing feature. Reduce your time spent managing multiple platforms and emailing groups.
  • In-built Buyer Support
  • Respond to queries and help buyers with information and support through our in-built Buyer Support module. Makes you wonder how you ever did without it.
  • Reporting Tools
  • Get advanced tracking and reporting tools for your registrations, sales and promotional code usage through Explara reporting tools. Make an impact with your marketing efforts.
  • Event Day Entry Management Mobile App
  • Greet your friends and mingle with classmates on the event day. Our Event Day Entry Management App takes care of the rest.
  • Membership Joining & Renewal
  • Alumni classes, sports teams, debate clubs, college bands, create communities with meaningful members which makes it easier to organize special events and simplify registrations.
  • Subscription & Renewal Payment Processing
  • Involve your circle further by offering premium memberships with monthly/quarterly/annual subscriptions and offers.
  • Website & Facebook Integration
  • Speed up your marketing by engaging potential attendees through your website and Facebook pages. Let regular followers know about your event.
  • Community Events
  • Host community based events for your members. Be it your neighbourhood alumni groups or nationwide get-togethers. Community events keep it about the people.
  • Member Email Lists
  • Invite people from all over. Send thousands of emails in an instant by leveraging your member email lists. Community is the best part of campus life.

    Case Studies

    Kellogg School of Management India Alumni Event:

    Kellogg School of Management India Alumni Association is run by a Managing Committee that is elected every three years. It serves as the primary point of contact with the Kellogg School of Management and Kellogg alumni globally who wish to engage in business opportunities within India. They organize Events for India-based Alumni such as city specific social mixers and the annual pan-India weekend off site.


    Since the Kellogg School of Management’s India alumni are spread through the country, they wanted the entire member registration process to be handled online. They wanted most of the event to be private since it was meant only for members though some events are open to all. Being the industry’s most popular Ticketing platform, Explara was the organizers’ first choice.

    Explara Feature Checklist:

    • Ticketing
    • Online Payment Collection
    • Exclusive Private Event Page only to be seen by invited Guests
    • Mailer solution for sending Event invites to members

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