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Venture. Go forth. Explore. Organize outdoorsy stuff. Use our Ticketing-cum-Promotion solution to attract and sell Registrations. Scuba Diving, Kayaking, River Rafting, Jet Skiing, Surfing, Sailing, Angling, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Trekking Expeditions, Mountain Biking, Rafting Expeditions, Offroading,City walks, Local Living, Wine Tours, Offbeat Stays, Amusement Parks, Street Photography, Bicycle Trips, Birding Tours, Safari, Nature Conservation, Wildlife Exploration Tours, Camping, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Rappelling, Plantation Tours with Nature Activities.


  • Custom Registration Page
  • Customize your registration page and give your customers a sight of what the event will be about.
  • Multi-Session Registration
  • Divide your main session into slots to make an easy registeration for your customers.
  • Invitation Only Registration
  • Fun and games are best enjoyed with your special group.
  • Group Registration
  • Let a group book tickets for all together.
  • Facebook Registration
  • Shout out to the world like you would from the mountains! Get your registration page on Facebook using the Explara App.
  • Multi-venue Registration
  • Here's how you can register all the venues of your numerous activities. Include all details with the multi-venue registration option.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Reach out to everyone who's likely to enjoy outdoor activities by linking your event page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Mobile Access
  • Make accessing outdoor activities easier by using the mobile access option.
  • Guest Registration
  • Register your outdoor activities with the guest registration option and allow others to improve the registration page as well.
  • Registration Widget
  • Make registering for your event a matter of simplicity itself with the use of a registration widget.
  • Customize Registration Form
  • Learn more about the people who share your interest for outdoor activities by collecting information about them during the ticket purchasing process.
  • Ticket Level Attendee Form
  • For your collective outdoor activities event, create different attendee forms for those seeking to take part in different types of activities.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • Simplicity is the name of the game. Make your payments options via the most convenient means.
  • Offline Payment Processing
  • Whether it is cheque payment or DD, it's a double check from our end.
  • Paypal Integration
  • Your PayPal account can play the field of making payments. Just link it to us.
  • Payment Wallets
  • Integrate your preferred wallet to make payments.
  • Pay outs
  • We're the speedKings in disbursement. Fast and transparent.
  • Multiple Price Options
  • Find yourself a great deal while registering your event. Check out the discount and currency options available.
  • Flexible Registration Fee
  • The choice is yours. You could either bear the cost or allow your buyer to take care of expenses such as service fee and extra charges.
  • Multiple Currency Options
  • Let the lack of a currency of your choice not be the deterrent to your booking. Now pay with the currency of your choice.
  • Discount Codes
  • We have a number of discount offers at your disposal, choose the one that works for you.
  • Travel Booking Integration
  • Integrate your travel with your booking and wrap things up with ease.
  • Email Marketing
  • The great outdoors is a vast place. Give a shout out to all the adventurers in the virtual world about a dive in the rapids or a scramble up the nearest peak. Emailing marketing done right.
  • Affiliate Program Solution
  • Push your team to scale new heights. Our Affiliate Program Solution lets you track, manage and coordinate between affiliates and partners for ticket sales and registrations. Get reports on contributions and distribute commissions accordingly.
  • Re-Engage Audience
  • That last nature expedition was a roaring success. Bring back your players for Round 2. Re-engage past event attendees and ensure you have a strong returning-client base.
  • Sell via Facebook Registration App
  • Give your Facebook explorers an inside track on registrations. Our Facebook Registration App lets you provide registration widgets on your Facebook page. Surf the big registration wave.
  • Discount Codes
  • Boost your attendee's adrenaline by giving exciting discounts and promotional offers. Hook them up to a bungee cord and track your marketing efforts. Manage them on Explara.
  • Promotion Widgets
  • You should probably stay quiet on safaris. Not when promoting your event. Integrate promotional widgets with your website and online marketing efforts.
  • Attendee Info Management
  • Figure out what kind of adrenaline high your attendees are looking for by accessing event attendee data. You can even get additional information by using customized registration forms.
  • Email Attendees
  • Remind your attendees to bring their gear. Email attendees using our in-built emailing service.
  • In-built Buyer Support
  • Answer doubts about which ripcord to use or how many people in a tent. Respond to buyer queries quickly and efficiently through our in-built Buyer Support module.
  • Reporting Tools
  • Process your registrations, sales, promotional code usage trends and more with our reporting tools. Keeping track on the marketing trail.
  • Event Day Entry Management Mobile App
  • Not a lot of room for a bunch of lists in your kit? Our Event Day Entry Management Mobile App has you covered.
  • Membership Joining & Renewal
  • Separate your rock climbers from your bikers. Create communities with members for special events and adventures geared toward them. Simplify registrations for members.
  • Subscription & Renewal Payment Processing
  • Enhance your member experience. Provide premium memberships with monthly/quarterly/annual subscription and renewal benefits.
  • Website & Facebook Integration
  • Integrate your event with your website and Facebook page through API and widgets. Expand your horizons.
  • Community Events
  • Organize special events for different communities and tailor adventures for their members. Community events help you build strong, event-driven customer bases.
  • Member Email Lists
  • Let the world know about your next adventure. Use your member email lists to inform your community about upcoming events and explorations.

    Case Studies

    Escape 2 Explore:

    Escape 2 Explore is a Bangalore-based travel company with a specific focus on adventure and fun-filled activities. They organize adventure experiences near Bangalore on a regular basis.


    Explara provided a 360 degree Event management and promotion solution to Escape 2 Explore. Since they organize adventure experiences on a regular basis, they needed to promote their Event heavily, especially to travel enthusiasts. Explara helped by sending mailers about their Events to people with travel as their interest. We provided them with a widget for them so that their customers could sign up for the Event from their Facebook page itself. Our robust payment gateway ensured seamless payment to Escape 2 Explore within an industry best time of 3 days. Once people were done with travel, Explara also helped them collect critical feedback from clients.

    Explara Feature Checklist:

    • Dedicated contextual marketing
    • Mailers to potential client base
    • Social media integration
    • Customer profiling and analytics
    • Secure and convenient payments
    • Experienced customer support
    • Database managemen
    • Traveller feedback captured
    • Affiliate promotion

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