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The proven event registration & ticketing solution for Marathon & Endurance events.

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Sell Tickets Everywhere

With Explara, you can sell your tickets on Explara, on your website via our widgets, via Explara mobile app and also on our Facebook ticketing app. You can also use Event Manager Point-of-Sale app to sell tickets at various venues.

Powerful Event Management

Explara offers a full suite of event management software hosted online for you to publish event any time. No need to wait to make changes to your event, add customizable fields, add more number of ticket types or discounts, its just a matter of few minutes and your team could access 24/7.

Promotion & Marketing

Explara offers an integrated promotion & marketing suite consist of Facebook app to promote and sell via your Facebook page, widgets to integrate in your media campaigns, ticket widget to drive traffic & start sales.

Sell Ticket via your Associate/
Affiliate Network

Explara’s suite of marketing and analytics tools, which includes one-click email marketing, auto-Tweets and Facebook posts, fan sharing tools and a real-time analytics dashboard.

Set-up Reserved Seating Events

Fully integrated with the Explara platform, we offer powerful reserved seating capabilities that include simple seat map and event set-up and purchase experience.

Event Manager Mobile App

Enjoy your event day for managing ticket validation, feedback and payment processing at the venue. Explara Event Manager app does the job!