TiE Pune Interactive Breakfast Session on Sales Empowerm...
Nov 16, 2017
08:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Bajaj Conference Room No. 2, ICC Towers, A Wing - 5th Floor (MCCIA)

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For businesses across the globe & across domains, there is a common motto that stands true i.e. “The Customer is King/Queen”. Poor business relationships with customers play a pivotal role in low customer retention and ultimately low sales. To improve business relationships and improve productivity, startup businesses need to employ long term strategies, technologies and best practices to manage client interactions from the very beginning. This is in regards to clients’ information and interactions with the organization, collected from all available points of contact which include phone calls, Texts, web pages, direct-mail, social-media and so on. Moreover, business data is the primary key during decision making processes. For startups, there is a need to keep the employees informed about all client-facing activities, in order to save their time and boost their efficiency. Business workflows and processes, whether for leads, customers, service delivery and/or support need to be nimble, focused and should abide by the Pareto Principle aka the 80/20 rule. Most start Ups USPs require product/service superiority, speed, and exceptional customer service.    Your business processes, applications and systems in addition to your culture and leadership need to be sync to that end to promote and deliver the same. In this session we will explore theses concepts, specifically the tie in best practices of lead/customer nurturing, communications, and efficient lead and sales processes. 

Discussion Leaders:

Cyrus Irani, a co-founder of MetroGuild, has been in the high tech industry for over 25 years focused on marketing, PR, business development, sales and general management of innovative technologies across several market sectors, an important one of which was retail. Cyrus started at Xerox Corporation in a group that spun technology out of Xerox PARC to develop and sell the first PCs (with Icon based Operating Systems, 19″ screens, and mice) and networked servers that are still the blueprint for PCs/Macs and servers today. He started as a systems engineer and quickly moved to managing an R&D group. This experience provided an outstanding foundation for innovation and systems design. Since then, Cyrus has held product management, CEO or executive positions in operations and management of products and services in communications equipment and telecommunications software at Retix (Director Product Marketing), AT&T GIS (Product Line Manager), Alchemy Group (co-founder & CEO), Vertel (Telecommunications software and services) (CEO, President, COO, and/or Vice President) and Strix Systems (WLAN mesh networking systems) (co-founder, co-COO).

Arif Amirani: 

Arif is CTO, in charge of Product Management and the Technology stack and the team behind it. He has extensive experience in web scale product development ranging from enterprise applications at Symantec to social platforms at startup stage companies.

  1. ​Bajaj Conference Room No. 2,
    ICC Towers, A Wing - 5th Floor (MCCIA),
    Pune, Maharashtra, India


Organiser : TiE Pune

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TiE Pune Interactive Breakfast Session on Sales Empowerment, Productivity & Process as a Key to Successful Customer Growth!

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