TiE Women Winner! Tina Mani
Oct 6, 2020
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM (America/Chicago)

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We are pleased to bring to you a presentation from Tina Mani of Yfret -  the winner of our recently concluded TiE Dallas Women’s Pitch Contest. 

Here is Tina’s story in her own words  -  

"You have to let go of the known to reach something bigger. 

After 16 yrs of working in the corporate world  I knew that something was missing, so I decided to get out. One thing led to the other and I soon became the co-founder of my first startup in the social commerce space. In retrospect, looking back at the roles I picked up at Nortel and Nokia Siemens, I was always an entrepreneur at heart, leaning towards innovation roles and new markets, right from the beginning.  

My current venture YFret (Why Fret) comes from my passion to use innovation to simplify life. YFret is about simplicity, agility and deep intelligence at the same time. We have been in the customer experience space for several years and what I love about this product is that it adds a rich experiential interface to our machine learning engine which learns the customer's taste in real time and gives the most relevant response. It opens avenues to keep innovating on user experience, conversational design and language on one end, and deep learning and personalization on the other. It appeals to both the left and the right brained people. 

From a consumer point of view, it takes away the "mechanical" aspect of digital interactions and makes them human. It transforms the digital experience from a menu driven to a spoken conversation, just like the way people used to interact with brands before things turned digital. It demystifies digital and makes it accessible to the older and digitally-less-savvy consumers. For a brand, it suddenly creates opportunities to understand the customer at physical locations at a macro and micro level." 

Listen to Tina HERE and please join us on Tuesday, 6th Oct, 2020 to hear more from Tina on her fascinating journey.  

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Thank you,

Ram Viswanathan
President, TiE Dallas 
[email protected]


Thank you for your interest at the recent presentation by the TiE Dallas Women pitch winner.

We were delighted to hear from Tina Mani. As you all may be aware, she will be representing Dallas at TiE Women Global Final.

Tina talked about her start-up Yfret, an innovative voice commerce platform powered by a deep learning engine which transforms customer's journey from discovery to conversation to loyal brand ambassadors.

If you couldn't make it, you can watch the replay HERE, and learn about this exciting product.


Ram Viswanathan 
President, TiE Dallas  
[email protected]

Organiser : TiE Dallas

TiE Dallas

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TiE Women Winner! Tina Mani

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