TiE Talks : The Ever- Changing Industry - How Can Market...
Jul 7, 2021
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (Asia/Dubai)

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Marketers are facing unprecedented levels of change and fragmentation: competitive, customer, economic, technological and regulatory. As marketers struggle with overly complex ecosystems, shrinking and siloed budgets, and fragmented technologies, they must continue delivering on their brand purpose while also driving performance and efficiency at scale.

The continuous transformation model enables businesses to perpetually fund performance improvements by unlocking efficiencies and making cost savings in the way they work by transforming marketing architecture, content and automation through agile operations.

Join us for #TiETalks as we discuss ideas and activities you believe today’s businesses must take to transform their marketing models in the face of rapid digitization, changes in consumer mindsets and the ability to stay relevant to continue to drive business growth.

Topics to be discussed :-

  • What kind of challenges is digital transformation, the use of AI and technology, poised to solve in the organization?
  • How has the use of AI and the right tech, really improved business outcomes, or consumer engagement?
  • How can Digital Transformation Digital be used as diversification of revenue streams?

Organiser : TiE Dubai

TiE Dubai

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TiE Talks : The Ever- Changing Industry - How Can Marketers Keep Up?

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