TiE NY StartUp Open Mic Night - Product Design - Creativ...
May 8, 2018
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM (America/New_York)
WeWork 300 Park, 300 Park Ave,Manhattan
New York,United States View map →

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We invite you to TiE New York's monthly Startup Open Mic Night event for an exciting night of networking and pitching!  This month our featured speakers, Lakshmi Anantharamu, Founder & President, Akila Labs a NYC based startup applying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and digital product designer Takuma Kakehi will discuss "Product Design - Creativity Meets Technology”.

You don’t have to be a TiE member, you just need to be a startup and/or investor with the passion to give your elevator pitch for 90 seconds in front of a group of angel investors, venture capitalists, startup-focused service based providers, mentors, and a large community of other successful entrepreneurs.

Please note that should we need to limit the number of speakers due to high demand our members will be given priority to speak.  But don't fear, its easy to join our organization!  You can become a TiE member by signing up on our website at

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More about our featured speakers:

Lakshmi Anantharamu, PhD

Lakshmi Anantharamu is Founder & President of Akila Labs, an NYC-based startup applying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to create innovative solutions to solve vexing problems in Healthcare. She’s spearheading the build out of an AI-driven and Blockchain-secured Digital Health Coach for Diabetes prevention.  She blends her academic and research backgrounds in Computer Science and Algorithm engineering with her creative side to build uniquely impactful products.  Prior to founding Akila Labs three years ago Laksmi was an Algorithm Engineer at BlackBox Logic, LLC and a Programmer at CIGNA.  Lakshmi earned her PhD and MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Denver and has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

Takuma Kakehi

Takuma Kakehi is a digital product designer who has over eight years experience helping all sizes of businesses from small startups to large global corporations.  His clients include companies in the transportation, finance, media and hospitality industries. His passion is to translate business ideas into tangible interfaces through a heavily visually-driven process to execute new product design as well as to develop and explore concepts. His goal is to extract good ideas and beautiful matter from society to provide a streamlined solution for his clients.  Takuma holds a BA Architecture from Pratt Institute.

  1. ​WeWork 300 Park,
    300 Park Ave,Manhattan,
    New York, New York, United States
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An exciting night of networking and pitching:

6:00 PMNetworking and Pizza
6:30 PMOpen Mic Begins/Opening Remarks
6:40 PM90 second pitches (You will be timed)
7:45 PM-8:30 PMNetworking

What is TiENY's Tech Startup Open Mic night?

It is an opportunity to not only network with members of the TiE community that includes angel investors, venture capitalists, startup-focused service based providers, mentors, and a large community of other successful entrepreneurs, but it's also a real opportunity for you and your business to receive the right type of exposure to the right people, right now.

Who can get on the mic?

Every participant, entrepreneur and/or investor who attends will have 90 seconds at the microphone to introduce themselves, pitch their business, experience getting funding, making investments or raise pertinentdiscussion point(s).

Who is this event for?

You don't have to be a TiE member to attend, although we hope you'll join! This event is open to entrepreneurs, angel investors, vcs and all of you who are looking to build a network.

What should you prepare?

Your 90 second pitch. We provide you the floor to get the exposure you want, and practice answering questions from a friendly audience, so come prepared to really harness the opportunity.

How Often Will You Host These?

Monthly, typically on the first or second Tuesday of every month at a WeWork near you.

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Organiser : TiE New York

Sonia Parechanian

Executive Director

[email protected]

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TiE NY StartUp Open Mic Night - Product Design - Creativity meets Technology -May 8

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