TiE HK & Asia Society India - HK - China Business Program

Nov 20, 2018 - Nov 23, 2018
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hong Kong & Shenzhen, Hong Kong
Hong Kong & Shenzhen,Hong Kong
$ 200

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The Entrepreneurship and the India- Hong Kong-China Business Partnership program will feature founders of startups from India, Hong Kong and China.

We will compare and contrast the three entrepreneurial ecosystems, discuss trends, challenges and opportunities and identify vectors of collaboration.

It will provide a platform for some of the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystems to compare and contrast ideas, innovation, execution, and include
workshops on financing, technology co-creation and brand development.

It will highlight the development of entrepreneurship in each market and the positive linkages between them.

It will also provide new start-ups and younger entrepreneurs with inspiration, role models and

The program of events includes a program in HK & Shenzhen:
19th November -
*Dinner hosted by TiE HK

20th November - 
* Interactive session at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, home to more than 700 start-ups
* Evening panel discussion on the contrasting start-ups systems in India and China, followed by a cocktail reception at Asia Society

21st November
*Workshops on ramping up growth companies
*Headline lunch discussion on the future of data analytics, machine learning and AI
*Evening with the Consul General of India

22nd November
*Visit to Shenzhen, China’s start-up hub
*Corporate visit
*Evening event and panel discussion

23rd November
*Corporate visit
*Conclude visit to Shenzhen, return to Hong Kong

TiE Hong Kong is offering a package to attend all of the above events, for Nov 19, 20 and 21 in Hong Kong and Nov 22 in Shenzhen and returning back to HK Nov 23.

We are grateful to our partners in supporting this program including the Consulate General of India, CLP, SBI, Tata, Shangri-La, Jet Airways and Caravel.

If you are interested in joining us for this exciting program please register now!


Organiser : TiE HK

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TiE HK & Asia Society India - HK - China Business Program

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