TiE Academy - I.E.T MasterClass
Oct 12, 2020 - Nov 5, 2020
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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I.E.T MasterClass


12th Oct - 5th Nov

TiE Academy is the flagship arm of TiE Mumbai that is DELVERING ENTREPRENURSHIP to entrepreneurs and training them in the Science of building successful Ventures. TiE Academy now brings you a unique MasterClass based on I.E.T. - Innovate, Execute and Train - the 3 key elements that are the Foundation of any successful enterprise.

The I.E.T MasterClass is based on the concept that the 3 elements required to start and successfully manage any enterprise, irrespective of their size are :

1) Innovate - To Build Products & Solutions that deliver User Delight

2) Execute  - To Deliver sustainable Sales Results in the Market as per Standards

3) Train - To constantly upgrading Selling Skills of team members to develop the Business

INNOVATE, by Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar - Author and Design Thinking Coach , starts with understanding the process of Innovation and Design Thinking by putting the User at the centre,  to develop unconventional solutions that meet a REAL need. Creating unique and sustainable business models is a naturally corollary then. Identifying blue oceans is an essential activity that an entrepreneur must be constantly involved in. Adopting the Lean Startup methodology helps create a practical Go To Market document that will aid sales execution.  And finally the MVP Creation & Pivoting process outlined will aid the Venture in making quick adjustments based on User feedback to make the organization Customer/User centric.

EXECUTE, by Dinkar Suri - UnConsultant and Co-Chair Tie Academy, will uncover the Science behind mastering Sales Execution and building efficient Sales Organizations that DELVER Results with GASP® - Generally Accepted Sales Principles. GASP® is a proprietary Sales Development Tool Kit developed by Dinkar Suri to build Sales Productivity, applicable across all Business Sectors and at any stage of a Venture's growth. Topics covered will include Customer Management, Sales Partner Management, Sales Team Management and Sales Operations Management and how al of these will enable the creation of an execution culture in the sales organisation. GASP® is a unique feature of the TiE Academy and the aspect of Sales Execution remains a special focus for TiE Academy to ensure successful business operations.

TRAIN, by Sunil Haribal - Consultant, Sales Trainer & Coach deals with the aspect of delivering practical Sales Training that all Founders & Sales Team members. It will  equip them with the necessary skills to persuade Investors, Customers, Employees and Users to adopt suggestions and solutions for a win-win situation. Topics covered are Overcoming Objections and developing Winning Negotiation Skills that can deliver Results. Besides, it will also set a long term perspective of managing the Training process in the organization so that the Results can be sustained.

Innovate, Execute, Train is a unique and one-of-its kind Entrepreneurial Training Programme that tackles all the essentials to operate successful business Venture with 26 Hours of Training & Coaching through Expert Insights, Mentoring, Practical case Studies and Workshops.

This is the ONLY entrepreneurship Training Programme that covers Sales Execution & Development and truly DELIVERS ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The MasterClass will conducted on specific dates starting on 12th Oct and ending 5th Nov, 4pm-6pm in a on Line format.

To know more about the MasterClass register NOW for a FREE Webinar on 1st Oct 2020 from 5pm-6pm at TiE Mumbai. You will get the chance to talk to the 3 Experts in person, ask questions, clarify doubts and seek answers for improving your Sales Operations. 



Session By Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar

12 Hours: 12th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 21st October and 23rd October.

Session By Dinkar Suri

9 Hours: 26th, 28th, 29th, 30th - October and 2nd November.

Session By Sunil Haribal 

5 Hours: 4th and 5th November.

Total 26 Hours.


Organiser : TiE Mumbai

TiE Mumbai

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TiE Academy - I.E.T MasterClass

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