TiE NY Charter Member Dinner ~ Software Innovations
May 7, 2019
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM (America/New_York)
Nirvana, 346 Lexington Avenue Manhattan
New York,United States

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On Tuesday May 7 we host a charter member dinner focused on innovative health and parking solutions blooming in our community.

Charter Member, CEO & Co-Founder Ritvik Singh will be introducing his company, Wayforward.  Also past recipient of angel investment through the TiE network, Ram Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder of BUDDIHEALTH.  Followed by Vivek Kumar, Co-Founder and President of Pullup Technologies.

Tickets Include Dinner

Pre-registered Charter Members: Free!

TiE Members: $50

Non-Members: $65

Cash bar for cocktails

We'll enjoy dinner with fellow Charter Members and provocative conversation as we deepen the bonds of the TiE New York community.  Please kindly reserve your ticket by Saturday May 4.

Ritvik Singh

CEO & Co-FounderwayForward

Ritvik is the CEO and co-founder of wayForward, a digital behavioral health startup a fast growing startup covering 5 million employees. He focuses on strategic relationships with health insurance, EAPs, BHOs, as well as VCs and individual investors. Ritvik has over a decade of experience as a manager and financial markets expert on Wall Street at major investment banks including Citibank and Deutsche Bank.  He managed and traded some of the largest currency portfolios based out of New York and Singapore. Additionally, he ran a not-for-profit medication reminder service. He has led the development of a software application for a research project at University of Michigan on Mindfulness based practices in high-stress work environments.  Ritvik received his education at IIT Delhi and Columbia University.


About wayForward

wayFoward helps enterprises build an emotionally healthy and happy workforce.  It is a digital behavioral/mental health software solution based on the science of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), mindfulness and positive psychology.  It was created by psychologists and leading researchers.

Vivek Kumar

Co-Founder & President, pullup Technologies

Vivek Kumar, President: With over a decade of experience in biopharmaceuticals, biomaterials, drug discovery and delivery - it only makes sense that Vivek is President of pullup. Why… Vivek sees a problem, and figures out a way to solve it. With over 6 patents and 30 publications, Vivek is no stranger to academic science and innovation. Where Vivek stands out is in his ability to bring together teams that can make change. Teams that can innovate. Teams that can recognize a problem - and MAKE a solution. Pullup is Vivek’s second start-up after successfully licensing his first startup ( and raising funds for his third startup ( in the Biopharmaceutical space. Additionally, Vivek is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and an Asst Prof of Restorative Dentistry in at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

About pullup Technologies

Parking is a nightmare in crowded cities. pullup has designed a versatile P2P iOS & Android app that allows users to find and monetize parking spots. The departing user posts a spot for a certain amount of time and price; the arriving user picks and navigates to it - pulls up, and.. done!

pullup is designed by a team of engineers who drive..  who suffer from the lack of parking…  who made a simple app, with a simple goal - democratization of parking/parking-sharing.

While pullup takes (~20%) of every transaction, we undercut the competition (decks at $40-75/night) by allowing users to choose a competitive price for their spot, based on other spots available in the area.

We're looking for seed funding ranging from $2 million for getting pullup to 100-1000 daily users. Primarily we would like to develop a marketing campaign to target a focussed area in Manhattan (then Nationally). pullup has a strong IP position bolstered by an in-depth freedom to operate opinion (provisional filed 2015, non-provisional filed 2016, trademarks for design and logo).

pullup is a disruptive technology changing the way we park. Assuming 1% market capture (2 million cars that enter Manhattan daily) we estimate $20,000/day with a minimal posting price of $1 (a steal in any downtown!). 

Ram Swaminathan

CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Architect

BUDDI Health

A serial entrepreneur with a previous tech exit from Raw Data – an audio fingerprinting platform sold to Market Tools.  Ram has hands-on end-to-end expertise building highly scalable technology companies. He has founded since 2013 a deep learning platform for Healthcare - BUDDI Health to iron out the revenue cycle inefficiencies of 15 cents on the dollar of the $2.7 trillion dollar healthcare spend in America. His Masters thesis on ad-hoc networks based on a project with NASA’s Space Dynamics Lab at Utah State University.  M.S. in Electrical Engineering & M.S in Information Systems from Utah State University.  


BUDDI HEALTH is a disruptive, military grade secure, HIPAA compliant ‘Deep Learning’ based cloud platform focused in automating revenue cycle functions such as medical coding & billing for the Healthcare Providers, medical billing and coding vendors of all sizes. We are a health-tech focused artificial intelligence based algorithmic company based off New York City and have a cloud partnership with Microsoft for HIPAA compliance, PHI security and for scaling technology & business on Azure. We have developed a next generation revenue cycle platform to enable our provider clients to increase productivity, improve reimbursements, and improve efficiency and help providers focus more on quality care.

  1. ​Nirvana,
    346 Lexington Avenue Manhattan,
    New York, New York, United States

Organiser : Dharti Desai

Sonia Parechanian

[email protected], Executive Director, TiE New York

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TiE NY Charter Member Dinner ~ Software Innovations

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