Maximize Business Growth, Profit and Value

Apr 5, 2019
07:30 AM - 09:00 AM
Enterprise Coworking, 5500,Greenwood Plaza Boulevard Suite 130
Greenwood Village,United States

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Learn How to Maximize Business Growth, Profit and Value  by Implementing a Better Business Valuation Process

Attend and get $1,000 worth of ValuSource’s business valuation data and software

Why come hear David Fein speak on April 5th? 

We need to STOP thinking of Business Valuation as something that’s rarely needed!  Learn how a better Business Valuation process should frequently be used to look “under the hood,” not only to determine a market value but more importantly how your business’s operations and market value compare to your best performing peers. This allows you to assess the “holes” in your business and make sure it’s running on all eight cylinders. You’ll also discover what other businesses’ in your industry are actually selling for. 

Part of the process is uncovering which of the 18 value drivers in your company are driving value—and which ones are killing it. You can use the tools David is providing to you free of charge to determine both business value and the operational “holes,” that when fixed, will create enhanced growth, profit, value and peace of mind.

David’s goal is to inspire you to take your business and your life to a whole new level.

Free Giveaways

For everyone who attends, David is providing four valuable tools (accessible online) as a way to help you out:

Giveaway #1:Free 30 days access to Valusource’s Online Business Valuationprogram($299 value).  Create a ballpark valuation in less than 30 minutes that includes a comparison to other businesses that have sold in your industry. 

Giveaway #2:Free 12 months access to Valusource Market Comps ($575 value),a database of over 43,000 businesses that have sold. See what other businesses have sold for in your industry.  Also has a quick market-based valuation tool built-in.

Giveaway #3: Free access to the CoreValue online business operational assessment ($99 value), which in 10 minutes will show you exactly where your business strengths and weaknesses are across 18 value drivers andhow much more your company would be worth if the weaknesses were resolved.

Giveaway #4: Get a copy of David’s 70 Must Have Resources for Entrepreneurs. This is the list of resources that David has used over the past three decades to start, grow and sell a number of seven figure businesses.

"I have known and been inspired by David for many years. He is a true social entrepreneur. He walks the talk. You will leave the event changed."--Ray Hutchins, Past TiE Rockies President and David Fein fan.

About Your Speaker

David Fein is a highly requested, entertaining speaker, an entrepreneur, world traveler and adventurer. At 16, he was the second-youngest person ever to set foot on the South Pole. To put himself through college, he started and managed a sailboat charter business. At the age of 25, and fulfilling a long-time dream, David sailed across the Pacific ocean to Tahiti on a 34-foot sailboat. 

In 1986, after returning from Tahiti, he co-founded ValuSource and became ValuSource’s president. Shortly after starting ValuSource, and together with his wife Michelle, he co-founded Kids Express, an alternative K-9 school which focused on academic excellence, self-awareness, interpersonal communication and personal responsibility.

In 1994 John Wiley & Sons acquired ValuSource and in 2004 he bought the company back. For over 33 years, David has built ValuSource into the leading provider of business valuation software, data and services.  David was a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Mountain Region. He co-created Lessons from the Stage for Prison, a high-impact life skill based performing arts program for incarcerated teens and adults.  

David has been involved with 7 Habits on the Inside, a prison program teaching 7 Habits since 2009. Along his wife, he co-founded The Christmas Tree Project, featured on CBS national news in 2017, provides free decorated Christmas Trees to families in need. David’s mission and passion in life is be a catalyst for transformational change.

We want to thank him for his generous time and contribution of the free gifts.


Organiser : Benjamin Kepner

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Maximize Business Growth, Profit and Value

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