Three Keys to Using Business Valuation

Mar 1, 2019
07:30 AM - 09:00 AM
Panorama Point, 9200 E Mineral Ave
Centennial,United States

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Includes 4 FREE Gifts (worth $973) to everyone that attends

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Why come heard David Fein talk on March 1st

I’m going to discussing Three Keys to Using Business Valuation a Strategic Lens for Starting, Growing or Selling a business.  I’ve done a lot of interesting things in my life from going to the south pole at 16, starting a sailboat charter business at 19, starting the Christmas tree project and co-founding a high impact theater program for prison inmates-- but what I’ve spent most of the last 33 years doing is starting and growing the #1 business valuation software company in the US. I’ve learned a few things about business valuation in the last 33 years and I know that for most of you, you will not really think about business valuation seriously until there is an event like selling the business, raising money, giving stock options or something else that demands that you do—and I am exactly the same way. But what I want to talk you about is more than just business valuation (which I’ll do), but more importantly, why business valuation is one of the single best strategic lenses you can use in starting, growing AND selling a business

David will inspire you to take your business (and your life) to a whole new level!  

David Free Gifts

Text Box:  For everyone who attends, David is providing four cool and valuable gifts:

Gift #1:Free 30 days access to Valusource’s Online Business Valuationprogram($299 value).  Create a ballpark valuation in less than 30 minutes that includes a comparison to other businesses that have sold in your industry. 

Gift #2:Free 12 months access to Valusource Market Comps ($575 value),a database of over 43,000 businesses that have sold. See what other businesses have sold for in your industry.  Also has a quick market-based valuation tool built-in.

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Gift #3: Free access to the CoreValue online business operational assessment ($99 value), which in 10 minutes will show you exactly where your business strengths and weaknesses are across 18 value drivers andhow much more your company would be worth if the weaknesses were resolved.

Gift #4: Get a copy of David’s 70 Must Have Resources for Entrepreneurs. This is the list of resources that David has used over the past three decades to start, grow and sell a number of seven figure businesses.

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"I have known and been inspired by David for many years. He is a true social entrepreneur. He walks the talk. You will leave the event changed."--Ray Hutchins, Past TiE Rockies President and David Fein fan.


Organiser : Alexa Pohl

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Three Keys to Using Business Valuation

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