The New Normal – Startup Fundraising in a Post-COV...
Jul 2, 2020
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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The COVID crisis changed the fundraising landscape for startups and entrepreneurs significantly.  In a matter of weeks, business and life as we know has changed. Pivot & Persist! Survive & Thrive are the new mantras!   While opinions of investors are likely to continue to run the gambit for quite some time, from full-on ‘buy-now-while-prices-are-low’ to ‘freeze-all-spending-indefinitely’, several entrepreneurs and startups have successfully raised seed and early stage financing.  What are the ideas, models and opportunities that are getting investor interest?  How do you fundraise in this new environment?  What are the essential elements of a pitch?  What are the various options available?  What are the challenges

These are some of the questions that Peachtree Management Advisors will address and provide practical and pragmatic advice on fundraising

Mentors : 

Vinod Keni - Co-Founder & Partner, Peachtree Management Advisors

Mani Padmanabhan - Partner, Peachtree Management Advisors 

Francis Bruce - Manager, Peachtree Management Advisors

Aloke Ghosh - Peachtree Management Advisors

Revenue Income & Partnership: Vinod Keni & Francis Bruce 

Investment & Finances: Vinod Keni & Mani Padmanabhan

Operations & People prob: Aloke Ghosh & Frances Bruce

Cash Flow & Financial Management: Mani Padmanabhan & Aloke Ghosh

Organiser : TiE Mumbai

TiE Mumbai

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The New Normal – Startup Fundraising in a Post-COVID World

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