IoTMatrix Meetup
Feb 29, 2020
11:30 AM - 01:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Algo Legal, 8th Floor, SN Towers, 25,Mahatma Gandhi Road Craig Park Layout,Ashok Nagar

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From Design to Manufacturing - The Journey and its challenges! 

Speaker: Murali Srinivasa, CEO & Founder of Lion Circuits


With plethora of reference designs, design tools and design talent available in the market, designing the hardware is now relatively easy for your IoT solution. But post completion of the design phase, there are myriad of issues faced by the designer in terms of choosing the right vendor, getting quotes, ensuring the design is fit for manufacturing and most importantly the challenges and roadblocks faced in going from design to building hardware prototypes, testing and then scaling it up to mass production. 


We have consistently seen the IoT Startups and even larger companies loosing valuable time in design iterations, getting proper and reliable quotes, transparency involved in the process, struggling between choice of production in China versus India and so on.

Transitioning from Lab to real world is always challenging and tougher to navigate. 

The speaker will cover what goes on post design in the manufacturing process, how the pricing and quoting system works, how to select the right EMS partner for your needs and how best to reduce the design iterations following a set of design principles and how to keep your hardware costs and timelines to a minimum. has taken 1000+ Designers globally now through this journey as a one-stop shop SaaS enabled Manufacturing Service, starting from completed designs to manufacturing prototypes and reading up for mass production. 



A Panel Discussion "Hardware Challenges and Pitfalls as you go from Lab to Field"


Over the course of last 6 years journey of IoTForum (now renamed as IoTMatrix) we have heard this story too often: 


"Your IoT solution is working perfect in the lab, you have put early prototypes in customer premises in limited quantities and all seems to be working perfect. Your Design team claims they have taken care of all situations, and upon further testing you send a batch for manufacturing. The units come back, they all look good and you send them out to your customers. Within days and in a few weeks, you see data not coming to your IoT Platform, start seeing several issues and problems, customer complaints are going up and then few units simply stop functioning. You send out a team to get the unit back and start debugging on what went wrong. You have lost valuable time and resources and probably the customer as well."


Govind Nallur, TiE Charter Member and former Director of Engineering at Cisco Systems, will be moderating a panel of hardware experts on what are the typical pitfalls and challenges of going from Lab to field deployment, what are the specific areas to watch out for and mitigating techniques. A combined 50 Man Years of experience by the veteran hardware designers in the panel will be condensed into a 1 hr panel discussion on typical problem areas, what to watch out for and how to circumvent!


Date: 29th Feb 2020, Time: 11.30AM to 1.00PM

  1. ​Algo Legal, 8th Floor, SN Towers,
    25,Mahatma Gandhi Road Craig Park Layout,Ashok Nagar,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Organiser : TiE Bangalore


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IoTMatrix Meetup

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