IoTMatrix Meetup: Emerging Opportunities and Pivots in t...
Jun 4, 2020
05:00 PM - 06:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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As the economy opens up partially, we are hosting a series of discussions, fireside chats and talks on the emerging opportunities, art of selling during difficult times and accelerated digital transformation efforts that are happening in this New World.

Instead of having yet another webinar on what experts think, we are calling in our IoT community members, practitioners and startup founders to understand the realities on the ground, which sectors and sub-sectors are opening new opportunities and how our members/startups are pivoting to capture these opportunities and adjusting to the 'new normal'. 

Join us for this thought provoking panel discussion led by our IoTForum Chair, Arvind Tiwary, with practitioners and startup founders across multiple verticals on business impact, new opportunities and how startups are pivoting to take advantage of the New World order!

Moderator: Arvind Tiwary - Chair, TiE IoTForum



Organiser : TiE Bangalore

TiE Bangalore

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IoTMatrix Meetup: Emerging Opportunities and Pivots in the Post-Covid World

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