TiE Institute & TiE Nurture Accelerator Program

May 31, 2023
05:00 PM - 06:30 PM (America/Los_Angeles)


This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


Are you a budding entrepreneur but don’t know how to get started? 

Or perhaps you have a great idea but you are struggling to raise funding for your startup.

Being the CEO of an early-stage startup can be a daunting challenge. You have to build a product that is ten times better than the competition. You have to raise funding even when you have little traction to show. Hiring employees is a formidable task especially since you can’t really pay them much.

We are here to help you traverse these multiple challenges. The TiE Entrepreneur Institute is a program by TiE Seattle to help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building and launching a startup from successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, and domain experts in interactive sessions.

TiE Seattle has gathered a group of successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to conduct a series of webinars to help them successfully build and launch a startup. The TiE Entrepreneur Institute Module 1 sessions will cover a wide range of topics from Essentials of startup formation, How to vet a startup idea, Fundraising fundamentals, Building a compelling investor pitch, and Fundamentals of business modeling. Following Module 1, we will bring other topics to help you scale your company in Module 2 in June.

Announcing a new TiE Nurture Accelerator Program 

Along with the TiE Institute, TiE Seattle will be selecting 4 startups to mentor over a 4 month period (May - September). Companies will be assigned 2 mentors who have significant startup experience during this period of time. You can apply for this program here. For more information about the program, read the following.

Please fill the application form below. The application dealine is April 24 2023

TiE Nurture Application form

TiE Nurture FAQ

Who can apply to the program?

Any startup based in the Pacific Northwest can apply for the program. The startup needs to have at least 2 co-founders and should have a product at least in beta.

Is there any fee for the program?

There is no fee for the program. However, the founders should join as TiE Seattle Member

Do I need to give any equity to TiE?

No, unlike other accelerators, TiE will not take any equity in the company

Does TiE provide any funding to companies in this program?

No, TiE does not provide any funding for companies in this program. However, it will provide the companies an opportunity to present to the TiE Seattle Angel Network

What is the structure of the program?

The program will last for 4 months during which time two mentors will be assigned to each company. The company founders will need to meet their mentors every other week to discuss their progress and issues they are facing. At the end of the program, a Demo Day will be held to allow the companies to pitch to TiE Charter members.

Additional Benefits for TiE Members

TiE Members and participants who sign up for TiE Seattle membership get additional benefits:

  • 50% discount on program price
  • Exclusive access to the TiE network
  • One-on-one mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry executives


May 3, 2023

05:00 PM

Essentials of Startup Formation

Learn about the when, what and how of setting up your company, hiring employees and allotting equity. Understand the pros and cons of an S-Corp, LLC and C Corp. Prevent expensive mistakes that can sink your company even as you are on the path to success.

Jesse Kobernick

Madhu Singh

Brenton Twitchell

May 10, 2023

05:00 PM

How to vet a startup Idea

At the core of every successful business or product initiative is a solution that solves a real and meaningful customer problem. Whether you want to build your own startup, or have a new idea within an established company, it’s crucial to vet these concepts before investing time and money into their creation. In this session, learn battle-tested processes and frameworks to validate (or not) an idea, common mistakes to avoid, and insights from a leading venture studio.

Henry Huang

Pradnya Desh

May 17, 2023

05:00 PM

Fundraising Fundamentals

Understand the how and when of raising funds for your startup. Learn about the funding stages, mechanisms (equity, convertible notes, etc.) and the various options available in the region for each stage. Understand valuation and the various clauses in term sheets and funding documents and what they mean.

Craig Sherman

May 24, 2023

05:00 PM

How to build a compelling Investor pitch

Learn how to build a pitch that resonates with investors. What do investors care about at various stages of your startup journey? What are the mistakes to avoid that can sink your pitch? How do you engage and build credibility with investors over the long term?

Sudip Chakrabarti

May 31, 2023

05:00 PM

Fundamentals of Business Modeling

Learn how to build a financial model for your business and how to use it for planning. What assumptions and variables drive your business? How do you build up your revenue and cost forecasts? How much runway do you have left based on your forecast? How much capital do you need to raise? Understand how to answer all of these questions and put your startup on a sound footing.

Andrew Klein

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