India Internet Day 2021
Sep 23, 2021 - Sep 24, 2021
09:00 AM - 08:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
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#iDay 2021 - Digital India: Escape Velocity

In the last 18 months or so, India seems to have leapfrogged as a tech enabled economy. In the backdrop of a nearly two year long Black Swan event and pandemic battering the Indian startup ecosystem has thrived and led the way for an economic revival. Technology and resilience have shown the way as the most one of the populous nation negotiates its way through the worst crisis of our times. With a large number of companies witnessing accelerated scale #IDay 2021 rings in with the theme - Digital India: Escape Velocity and focusses on Tech trends including Fintech, Crypto SaaS for SMEs, Gig Economy, capital markets, healthcare, Hybrid education, and more.

The year 2021 has been a defining one for the Indian startup ecosystem in more ways than one - record amount of fund inflow, creation of new unicorns, companies going public, and a new benchmark in terms of mergers & acquisitions.

The last 18 months it seems have lent ESCAPE VELOCITY to the entire startup ecosystem.

Built to Last As Indian startups enter the public markets space, the world of tech IPOs has a lot to cheer and celebrate. Having said that its founders who know the back story of sweat & toil and or trials & tribulations. Given this backdrop, public markets & Tech IPOs is the first segment that India Internet Day 2021 opens with showcasing companies that are true marathoners.
Bigger Better Together The big highlight of the M&A activity this year has been the growing ambition of Indian startups who are taking bold bets - acquiring established businesses that could be arguably described as old economy.
Gig & Creator Economy A gig economy is cost-efficient for companies and was a long time coming. The pandemic has, in fact, only accelerated the trend. The pandemic-induced remote working has blurred the age-old scepticism over the efficiency and dependability of contractual or part-time employees, with companies increasingly looking to hire gig workers.
Indian Consumer Brands' & The Ecosystem This panel will cover brands, products and ecosystems within the consumer brand space- and the infrastructure that has been put in place by founders and ecosystem players to help new brands launch & grow.
Changing landscape of Indian & Global EdTech Industry Indian EdTech landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years, esp post the pandemic Indian companies have made US/global acquisitions. With China banning for-profit EdTech enterprises, the global landscape will change further.
HealthTech: Building for Bharat & the World India’s healthcare ecosystem all this while has been geared towards reactive/curative treatment vs preventive. Covid changed that! Remote monitoring, teleconsultation, feature rich insurance providers and other spaces started to show hockey stick growth as users wanted to manage their healthcare better.
Fintech Frontiers Fintech, has become a crucial part of the global economy as internet emerges as the preferred platform for financial transactions - Mobile payments, insurance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, stock trading, digital lending and credit, budgeting and much more.
Agile Investors : Micro VCs & Super Angels In the past decade, Micro VCs have emerged with much needed risk capital as well as hands on mentorship. Imperative at a time when businesses seek to achieve product market fit and become ready to scale with stable business models. Micro VCs are blooming in India, filling the funding gap between institutional and angel investors and increasing domestic LP interest in startups.

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India Internet Day 2021

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