India Education Entrepreneurship Day 2020
Oct 16, 2020
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Online Event, Online
New Delhi,India

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A global pandemic has caused an unprecedented upheaval in the way businesses are done and Education is arguably the most impacted.  The last few months have almost as if, precipitated things around education businesses into a ubiquitous melting pot that may change education as we know it, forever.

India Education Entrepreneurship Day 2020

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If you are an Education & Skills startup seeking to make a significant presence, this is where you need to be. We invite you to be a part of #IEED2020, the best forum to network and connect with established players, innovators, stakeholders and entrepreneurs. 

Its ironical that a global pandemic that has squeezed people to the confines their homes has unleashed vast spaces for Edtech to flourish, finally.  The catalyzing of tech for education has actually moved the umpteen tech enabled products and services from drawing boards and pipelines to releases. All that talk on AI enabled adaptive learning, customization, use of engaging interactive visual content seem now a reality.  

Having said that the impact on offline education is very high and no foreseeable breakthrough in Edtech can wish them away but this truly a cataclysmic moment as can get for Edtech. Clearly, technology needs to play a role here to ensure continuity in learning and blended learning is here to stay.

One trend that we are seeing during the COVID situation is the growing partnerships between traditional education players and edtech companies. Now is when we all know that blended is the way forward.

The professional world too got a shake up of sorts with lockdown and WFH. The need to reinvent from both the hirer and the hiree triggered an uptick in up-skilling.

Penetration into Bharat – Accessibility in K12

Consolidation and M&A

Blended Learning and the Future

Uptick in Upskilling

Funding Trends post COVID

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Organiser : TiE Delhi-NCR

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India Education Entrepreneurship Day 2020

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