How To Engage 500 Customers Each Month With Minimal Effort
Aug 26, 2020
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles)

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If you are struggling to grow your customer base in the midst of this pandemic, the primary reason could be a lack of personal
touch with your customers. Customers are inundated with mass emails, run-of-the-mill social media campaigns and impersonal messaging. It’s time to throw out your old marketing ways and embrace something that’s actually quite simple...

Imagine if you can connect and engage with 20 customers each day (over 500 customers a month), with just one hour of effort? How’s that possible?

Consistent digital marketing that includes personal touch can help your business engage with not only 20 customers daily,
but also many more, with minimal effort.

Join us in a fireside chat with Sanjay B Dalal, founder & CEO of oGoing and TiE SoCal Marketing Chair, along with Anecia Zonaie, (title), as they share with us timely marketing tips, best practices and secrets that only marketers know.


Organiser : Jerry Heikens

Anil Ramineni

TiE SoCal | Executive Director, 2020-21

310-901-2645 | [email protected]

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How To Engage 500 Customers Each Month With Minimal Effort

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