Hiring Right for Startups - Co-Founders & the Initial Hires

Oct 25, 2017
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
TiE Bangalore, Langford Gardens

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We all know choosing to be an entrepreneur is a brave decision, success is never guaranteed even if you have a rich father, VC friend, ready to copy idea. Only some small % of entrepreneurs survive, few more go on to hog the limelight by making it big by getting crazy valuations, very few get the balance right in terms of making a difference to the customers, getting the business model right and making the company profitable in the right away. We only get to hear about companies who failed big or made it big in terms of funding or few of them on profitability.

The difference between the successful and failed entrepreneur would be that of the former’s ability to find the right talent during the bootstrapped stage.

Ever wondered how should you choose your Co-Founders? Our choices mostly come from the mix of Batch mates, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors, Family. Who should be your Co-Founders is a well thought out decision or an emotional one, or is it something which just develops on its own?

Kamal Karanth, entrepreneur, 

Right now I am in the middle of building a Talent Solutions company along with E T Anil Kumar who was MD of RGF India till recently. We believe there is a opportunity to build a long lasting organisation where we will work for a Purpose, Connect with our colleagues naturally, Expertise will be the identity with our customers and Empowered colleagues will be the way of life. All this seamlessly blending under the umbrella of trust without the segregation of Titles. I know thats a lot, But we are trying :) 

Have you been in Talent Solutions and reside in Bangalore/Mumbai/NCR/Chennai and want to be part of building a company with the above said values? Message me on LinkedIn. Who knows we could be building the largest Talent Solutions company ever happened in India!

My brief Career Summary : 

After my Bachelors in Microbiology, I started my career in Pharmaceutical sales.Moved onto Biotech Industry in sales again. After 7 years in Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Healthcare experience I found my calling in the Recruitment Industry. 

I was fortunate to have the revelling exposure of Start Up Staffing Business Operations in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand,Hong Kong driving the IT Staffing, Executive Search & RPO Solutions across these Countries for about 6 years in this journey. This overseas exposure allowed me to absorb multi-country workplace nuances and increased my understanding of 'Cross Border' Professional Talent movement across APAC.

I gained useful insights and network after working for two reputed Staffing companies Ma Foi (now Randstad) and Kelly Services in the last 16 years

As per MBTI profiling I am ESTJ. Extraversion (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judgment (J)

Gallup's Strength Finder lists my top Strengths as Maximiser, Command, Self Assurance, Communication, Relater and classifies me as an Influencer :) 

Read up my blog on workplace dynamics @ 


Organiser : TiE Bangalore

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Hiring Right for Startups - Co-Founders & the Initial Hires

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