Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustain...
Mar 7, 2023
02:30 PM - 04:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Christ University, Hosur Main Road Bhavani Nagar,S.G. Palya

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Making Sustainability a Way of Life!


The challenges of global pandemics, supply chain shockwaves, rise in prices of commodities, the rising possibilities of a major recession battering people all over again in the near future, and the perpetual threat of regional conflicts converging to give rise to global ones, have sadly relegated the issue of focusing on climate literally at the bottom of the priority list for most countries. However, it has not stopped the effects of climate change creating devastation across the world. From unprecedented floods, rising temperatures in summers and threatening levels of particulate matter in air, the impact of climate change has never been felt so profoundly as is being felt now. For India with 135 crore population, it has been a never-ending challenge to maintain a balance between managing the climatic goals even while taking care of the aspirations and needs of the burgeoning population through increasing economic activities, building newer infrastructures to enhance connectivity and expanding the ability of the economy to absorb newer investments.

Steps Taken by India in the Recent Past

Yet, in spite of the major challenges that India faces, it has taken some pioneering steps in the realm of climate goals by initiating the formation of International Solar Alliance, setting stringent targets for itself in the realm of renewable energy capacity augmentation, initiating massive investments for developing a green hydrogen development ecosystem, banning of single use plastics, distribution of LPG connections to 80 million households and creating an institutional ecosystem for making electric vehicles viable, to name a few. Also, there have been unprecedented efforts by the Government of India to promote disaster resilient infrastructure as well as capacity building of disaster response units such as NDRF. India remains one of the very few countries of the world with a dedicated Central Police Force for emergency response to disasters. Further, India has witnessed an increase in forest cover by 1540 sq km.

A critical part of India’s quest for sustainable development has been active community participation in conservation of environment. Since eternity, India’s cultural traditions have echoed the importance of conserving nature and it has been embedded in the basic philosophy of Indian people. But over the last many centuries much of that has withered. However, we now witness a renewed push by the Government of India for striking the right balance between economic development and conservation efforts at the same time.

As part of National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC), this theme would primarily focus on the following areas in the Y20 Summits:

  • National Solar Mission
  • National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • National Mission on Sustainable Habitat
  • National Water Mission
  • National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Eco-system
  • National Mission for a Green India
  • National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture
  • National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change

Key Projects Under Execution to be Focused Upon

  • International Solar Alliance
  • Renewable Energy Push
  • Push for Development of Green Hydrogen Development Ecosystem
  • Ujjwala Yojana
  • Push for Making Electric Vehicles a Preferred Option for Transport in Future
  • Push for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
  • Capacity Building of Disaster Response Forces
  • Application of Space Tech for Disaster Mitigation
  • Increase in Forest Space
  • Ban on Single Use Plastic
  • Push for Inland Waterways for Cargo Transport
  • Community Participation in Conservation Efforts
  • Institutional Recognition for Efforts of Individuals in Conservation Work
  • Role of Start-ups in the Sustainable Development Front

  1. ​Christ University,
    Hosur Main Road Bhavani Nagar,S.G. Palya,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life

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