Fund Raising for your tech Startup? Learn how.
Jun 14, 2019
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Rove City Centre, Port Saeed
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

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TiE Hustle in partnership with VentureSouq and Investhusiasts

Session 1: Jon Santillan, Founder & CEO, Denarii Cash

Jon will share his entrepreneurial journey building Denarii, a mobile platform enabling OFWs to send money home with zero fees.

Session 2: Intro to Fundraising - the Investor’s Perspective 

The purpose of this session is for tech entrepreneurs to get into the investor's head & understand his/her POV and expectations when looking at companies to invest in

This session will cover the following:

  • Fundraising cycle of a tech company
  • The pros & cons of investing in a startup for an investor
  • Metrics investors look for in an early stage tech company
  • Valuation approaches for an early-stage tech company
  • Type of Due Diligence investors do when looking to invest
  • Preferred instrument to invest: Equity vs Convertible Note
  • Preferred legal structure
  • UAE company set up options

Session 3: Build your financial plan

  • This session aims to provide an overview of investor expectations when it comes to a tech company’s financials
  • We'll use a case study to illustrate and go through key assumptions and line items investors will look for when reviewing financials
  • This will provide insight on how best to approach the building of your company’s financial plan

  1. ​Rove City Centre,
    Port Saeed,
    Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Organiser : TiE Dubai

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Fund Raising for your tech Startup? Learn how.

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