Food and Beverage Startups – Striving and Thriving...
Apr 23, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Zoom, Online Webinar

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The world continues to change very rapidly as we navigate Phase II of the lockdown and as we look to an era beyond as well. While in the short term there’s a lot of uncertainty and pain, we at Fireside believe that, on the other side of chaos many businesses will thrive and many will re-imagine their business model with exciting possibilities. And that leads to many questions and to the many choices start-ups will have to make:

  • E-commerce: What’s the state of play at the big etailers? When will they come back to normal? What’s their expectations from start ups? What risks are they seeing in the future? And opportunities?
  • D2C: Should start ups activate their D2C channel? Are the courier and logistics companies ready to service orders?
  • Supply chains have got disrupted so quickly. How should they be reimagined to make them more anti-fragile?
  • How have other companies dealt with these challenges? What choices did they make? What worked and what didn’t? How are they seeing the future ?
  • Consumers: How will their behavior change? What opportunities does that create?
  • Investors: How are investors going to invest in the post Covid era? What risks are they concerned about? What opportunities do they see? How do start-ups reconfigure their business to attract investment?
  • Managing the chaos: Till things settle down, how do start-ups manage their business and their people? And how do they get ready for the new normal?

TiE Delhi-NCR  in partnership by Fireside Ventures, India’s leading consumer focused VC, brings together leading players in the food and beverage industry to explore these questions, to help start-ups understand the here and now and the India of the future.

  1. ​Zoom,
    Online Webinar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Organiser : TiE Delhi-NCR

TiE Delhi-NCR

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Food and Beverage Startups – Striving and Thriving in the Covid World

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