Antar Prerana - Entrepreneur's Inner Journey
Feb 1, 2022 - Feb 20, 2022
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Antar Prerana an Entrepreneur's Inner Journey is a series of interactions based on the learnings of the Bhagvad Gita. 

We live in interesting times of immense opportunities (expanding markets, new products, exciting technologies, valuations) and looming challenges (pandemic, attrition, rising costs, competition, mental stresses, etc.)!

For the last 19 years Ram has been helping entrepreneurs and enterprises handle this *Play of Opposites- Immense Opportunities vis-a-vis Looming Challenges* by helping them with a framework based on the wisdom from the Bhagvad Gita.  While he will explore one of the most ancient thought processes, the focus will be on how we can use this wisdom and bring it alive in our daily entrepreneurial lives. 

Every day for a period of 21 days, Ram will explore one key learning from each Chapter of the Gita, and discuss its relevance to  strengthening our inner journey as Entrepreneurs. We will be joined daily by seasoned entrepreneurs (mostly our TiE Charter Members) who will share their Antar Prerana experiences! 

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Topics for Discussion




Feb 1st

1 - V 23

Conditioning Challenges

Feb 2nd 

2 - V 47

SWADHARMA and Karma Yoga

Feb 3rd 

2 - V 55

Stithapragna- Handling the play of Opposites

Feb 4th 

3 - V 21, V 35

Leadership By Example,  Be Yourself

Feb 5th 

4 - V 17 

4 Types of Action – Inaction, Reaction, Inefficient Action and Significant Action 

Feb 7th 

5 - V 11

Being Detached during intense action

Feb 8th 

6 - V 34 , 36 

Taming the Restless Mind 

Feb 9th 

7 – 46 

4 types of needs people have

Feb 10th 

8 – V 28 

Conducive Conditions 

Feb 11th 

9 – V 34 

Evoking Devotion 

Feb 12th 

10 – V 11

Wisdom that destroys Ignorance

Feb 14th 

11 V – 55 

Work with Devotion 

Feb 15th 

12 – V 13 – 17 

The Opposite Manifestations

Feb 16th 

13 – V 27 

Seeing Greatness in everyone

Feb 17th 

14 – V 22

Transcending the Gunas- Moving up the Accountability Ladder

Feb 18th 

15 – V 1-3 

Cutting Down on attachment

Feb 19th 

16 – V 1- 3

Attitudes that Enable

Feb 21st 

17 – V 3 

The importance of Faith 

Feb 22nd 

18 – V 18 , 39

Causes of Significant Action Buddhi, Dhrithi and Sukham 

Feb 23rd 

18 – V 73 

I will Fight 

Please note this is not a religious topic and no discussion on religion/ race/ practice will be entertained  

Speaker: Ram Kumar Sheshu 

Organiser : TiE Bangalore

TiE Bangalore

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Antar Prerana - Entrepreneur's Inner Journey

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