Disruptive Startups
Apr 26, 2023
05:30 PM - 08:30 PM (America/Los_Angeles)
Knobbe Martens, 3579 Valley Centre Dr
San Diego,United States

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Who was Google, before they were Google? What was the founder of AirBnb thinking, seven months before they went public? And more specifically, what are the factors that go into making a company disruptive?

While our overarching understanding of a disruptive company is one that is -

a) innovative (often setting market trends),

b) risk-taking (making bold moves that could potentially fail,) and

c) flexible, (demonstrating an uncanny ability to adapt to the most unpredictable market conditions)-

TIE Southcoast wants to gain a much better understanding of market disruptions, and the innovative companies that drive them:

1. 2. 3. 4.

What sorts of qualities do entrepreneurs need to possess to start a disruptive company?

Howcanwespottrendswithinverticalmarketsthatadisruptivecompany can fill?

What sorts of benefits and challenges do disruptive companies pose for competitive/free markets?

How can disruptive companies overcome legal hurdles, consumer behavior issues, or scaling issues?

5. And if you’re not a disruptive company, how do you suddenly adapt to the changing landscape brought about by your disruptive competitors.


DISRIUPTIVE COMPANIES will be moderated by TIE South Coast President Naresh Soni. Naresh is a mobile industry veteran with combined knowledge of high- volume hardware and software engineering. Mr. Soni was most recently involved in the development of applications for millimetre wave/extremely high frequency (EHF) near field communications in Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality creating captivating user experiences for healthcare, e-commerce and gaming. Naresh has developed rich-media software for mobile uses which were deployed on 250+ device types over various carrier networks.

A Special Guest

In addition to covering the phenomenon of Disruptive Companies, and their effects on free markets, TIE South Coat will spotlight a local disruptive company: is improving the way that medical professionals make diagnoses by

developing wearable devices, monitoring devices, and a patient app that uses

machine learning to identify the complex relationships between a patient’s

chronic disease and their lifestyle factors. Rather than utilize "one size fits all"

diagnostics,'s technology reveals precise insights about the driving

causes behind a disease. Such insights enable medical professionals to provide

hyper-focused guidance that optimizes patient engagement and health outcomes.

By monitoring a patient's activity, sleep, and nutrition, and then taking into

account demographic factors as well- the technology that is developing

gives medical, professionals the ability to look at the big picture whenever

determining diagnostic outcomes. As a result, TIE South Coast couldn’t be more

excited to put on this event.

Press contact: [email protected]

  1. ​Knobbe Martens,
    3579 Valley Centre Dr,
    San Diego, California, United States

Organiser : TiE South Coast San Diego

TiE South Coast San Diego

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Disruptive Startups

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