Do you want to scale your venture without losing control...
Sep 15, 2021
04:00 PM - 05:15 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Anand Sivaraman - Director - Remidio Innovative Solutions
Priya Venkat - COO - Haber Water
Arjun Pratap - CEO - EDGE Networks
Sushant Bhatia - Regional Manager - Caspian Debt
Avishek Gupta - Investment Director - Caspian Debt

Key takeaways:
Raising debt to improve your business
What stage should entrepreneurs consider raising the debt
Scaling up without losing control of your venture

Venture debt complements venture capital providing value to fast-growing companies. Unlike traditional bank lending, it is available to growth-stage startups that are yet not profitable or have significant assets for providing mortgage collateral.

Join us for this discussion with Caspian Debt to understand Debt Financing and how it may work better for you.

Caspian Debt is a digital corporate lending financial services company that offers custom debt solutions to professionally managed small or mid-market Companies and start-ups founded by first-generation entrepreneurs with the ambition to grow the company in a Responsible, Transparent, and Sustainable Manner.
If you are a startup looking for debt, fill in this form.

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Do you want to scale your venture without losing control? Raise debt financing

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