Cyber Security Strategies, Trends, Entrepreneurial Oppor...
Dec 9, 2019
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
in5 Tech, الصفوح
دبي,United Arab Emirates

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With cybersecurity posing an increasing challenge more than ever with reports of regular large-scale breaches and loss of confidential and financial information, it is increasingly important for both enterprises and individuals to understand and be prepared for threats.

This panel will take you on a journey across the increasingly advanced threat landscape from the managerial to the practical, delving in-depth at the compelling security topics around business transformation and growth.

We will examine entrepreneurial opportunities in the cybersecurity space and what entrepreneurs should look out for as they design their next big unicorn. Here, industry and IT security leaders meet their peers to discuss their proactive strategies on how to enhance cyber awareness, adopt better risk management, polices and compliance and discover new and innovative solutions to security automation and intelligence.

Join the conversation if you're interested in the latest trends and security best-practices to defend against a constantly evolving opponent or an entrepreneur wanting to explore opportunities in the cybersecurity market

  1. ​in5 Tech,
    دبي, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Organiser : TiE Dubai

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Cyber Security Strategies, Trends, Entrepreneurial Opportunities into 2020

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