Business Builder Evening With Purab Gujar, Co-...

Jun 30, 2021
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)


What can a startup learn from Warren Buffett !

Buffett's advice has been sought after by numerous entrepreneurs and his holding company approach was adopted by tech entrepreneurs no less than Larry and Serge in forming Alphabet. His principles and teachings have been widely appreciated and quoted in business circles. His management style is unique and his journey didactic.

Purab Gujar the speaker of the session will discuss the key principles taught by Buffett, especially ones that a startup can benefit from. And for anyone who thought Buffett is a stock market investor alone, these lessons will surprise even more.

About The Speaker

Purab is a tech entrepreneur and a fund manager. He founded the Cameo Investment Office in 2018 to manage funds for the co-founders and associates of Cameo Media Labs, the tech venture he co-founded in 2006.

Purab has been a techie since childhood and co-founded Cameo Media Labs, a software product company in the image processing space that pioneered the technology for 'Image Restoration' of heritage celluloid films. Early in Cameo’s journey he got introduced to Warren Buffett's principles and has since applied them in business and life and steered Cameo to being the first mover and a market leader in the niche field of 'Cinema Audio Restoration'. Since 2011, Cameo has been a Partner of choice for heritage film preservation services and has been entrusted with the sound restoration of more than 100 National Award winning films including 11 Satyajit Ray films and historically important footage.

Purab is a founding member of the UG Foundation, a philanthropic organization working on Skill Development for girls from the rural background, primarily in paramedical services. Purab completed his Bachelor’s of Engineering in Electronics from VIT of Pune University. Prior to starting Cameo, Purab worked with Siemens for their Mobile Phone Business.

Purab spends majority of his time as a fund manager at the Cameo Investment Office in Pune. His investing track record for the Cameo Investment Office has been 27% CAGR since inception in late 2018, while that for proprietary capital has been 42%+ CAGR since 2014 - as of this writing. At Cameo, Purab has primarily built a culture that maintains a long-term view on every decision, activity and investment undertaken.


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