3As of Unconscious Bias: Awareness, Address an...

Jun 4, 2020
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles)


This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


3As of Unconscious Bias: Awareness, Address and Action | DEI Series

Unconscious Bias refer to beliefs or attitudes that are activated automatically and without an individual's awareness. Unconscious Biases are not permanent. In fact, they are malleable and steps can be taken to limit their impact on our thoughts and behaviors. Learn effective tips and strategies that allows individuals to discover how their subconscious preferences and beliefs drive their responses, how to address it and what actions can be taken to prevent it.

This DEI Series is co-hosted by Mom Relaunch

Mom Relaunch(www.momrelaunch.com) started with the vision of supporting moms, who have taken a career break, by preparing them to become ready and relevant to reenter workforce. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, however, Mom Relaunch is widening its scope and reach by inviting anyone(men and women) who is either a career returner or a transitioner - to its fold!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series at TiE Silicon Valley

As part of DEI efforts in TiE Silicon Valley, we are proud to present journeys of Entrepreneurs, Funders and Intrapreuners. We will hear the technology innovation championed by various minority groups and individuals. All of TiE SV programs will expand to be mindfully inclusive. Even then, we realize 2020 is the year we need to promote this consciously so the integration is a multiplier effect.

This will be a forum to celebrate successes, raise awareness and introduce opportunities specific to this group. Bring your colleagues and friends to be part of the next level of collaboration, mentoring, networking, incubating and investing in TiE Silicon Valley.


Rajshree Patel

Rajshree Patel

Author, "Vital Force"

It’s hard to imagine I once worked as a prosecutor with the US attorney’s office in the Los Angeles District Attorneys office. I didn’t know it then, but...

Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta

Founder & CEO, Mom Relaunch

Reena, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, interestingly dove into entrepreneurship when most women take a career break after her first child was b...


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