Art of Startup Story telling
Apr 16, 2019
01:00 AM - 05:00 PM (America/New_York)
3800 Spectrum Blvd, 3800,Spectrum Boulevard
Tampa,United States

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Build Your Bankable Story

With Richard Stone, CEO, StoryWork International 

In this day-long program, we will assist you to craft an impactful story about you, your company, its products and services, and about the impact you intend to make in the world. We call this your Bankable Story. As a startup, no matter what stage you are in, your company must develop a compelling story to attract outside investors, to inform every aspect of your marketing, and to maximally engage your team in your innovative vision for the future. To accomplish this, Richard Stone will assist you to mine the DNA of your story and harvest what we refer to as your “narrative assets.”  The key is to make the technical comprehensible, interesting, and appealing with a compelling story that is succinct and passionate. 

What You'll Learn: In this program you will learn how to:

·      Construct your “bankable story” to engage angel investors and alternative revenue sources such as crowd funding to support your business start-up.

·      Develop a compelling story that will answer important questions, like:

o  What’s the big deal with your technology/company?

o  What difference will it make in the lives of people?

o  Why would anyone care to pay attention to your company?

o  What’s the story of your journey to this point and what challenges have you had to overcome to solve this problem?

o  What is your start-up story?

o  How is your solution different from and better than other concepts or offerings in the marketplace?

o  How does your offering match up with market needs?

Who should attend? Minimally, bring your core leadership team to maximize your results from the day’s work. That’s not to say that if you as the founder or CEO come alone that there won’t be benefits, but it is to say that the quality of the story that you develop will likely be stronger, more authentic, and more persuasive the more you tap into the creative spirit of your team. If you have an adviser who is important to the effort, bring him or her as well. 

About Richard Stone

Richard Stone is a nationally recognized speaker on the power of story and its applications in business, healthcare, and education. He got his start 25+ years ago developing story-based training programs for team building and leadership development and has been a leader in work on narrative reminiscence. He has worked with diverse organizations such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hewlett Packard, Eastman Chemical Company, Kraft Foods, and Novant Health. 

His current work at StoryWork International is focused on using the power of story to assist leaders to transform their organizations and their approach to leading, infusing their work with deeper purpose and meaning. Richard has authored the following books: The Healing Art of Storytelling, Stories: The Family Legacy, The Kingdom of Nowt, and co-wrote The Patient Survival Handbook with Synensis’s CEO Stephen Powell. 

Previously he was the Chief Innovation Officer for Synensis, and prior to that the StoryAnalytics Master for the IDEAS Innovation team (a former division of the Walt Disney Company) where he was on the team that created StoryCare, an innovative program for driving behavioral change among healthcare staff to improve patient safety and satisfaction. Rick also co-created the award-winning board game Pitch-A-Story, and is an accomplished artist and photographer.

  1. ​3800 Spectrum Blvd,
    3800,Spectrum Boulevard,
    Tampa, Florida, United States

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Art of Startup Story telling

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