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The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is the largest not-for-profit global organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship. TiE helps budding entrepreneurs by way of advice, guidance and assistance through successful and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries. Its greatest strength is its network of 61 chapters across 17 countries that consist of many participants in the global ecosystem – successful & experienced as well as budding entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, etc. TiE makes continuous efforts to interconnect this network in a way that allows us to deliver real value to all our constituents.


TiE Kerala Chapter was registered in March 12, 2003 with ten Charter Members.  Within a short span of 13 years, the chapter grew to its present strength of 52 Charter members and 700+ Members who are CEOs of SMEs/Professionals representing industries like IT, hospitality/tourism, food, agro, financial services, pharmaceuticals, education, consultancy, automobiles, manufacturing, etc.


TiE Kerala has a vision to become an organization instrumental in:

  • Transforming the mindset about entrepreneurship into that of a vocation that is fulfilling, rewarding and worthwhile to pursue. 
  • Identifying and guiding entrepreneurs in sectors relevant to Kerala and that have competitive advantages for the State.
  • Facilitating conceptualization of viable ideas into commercial projects in these sectors and assisting in their commercialization.

In line with the above, the mission of TiE: Kerala is to nurture entrepreneurship through:

  • Networking of members with agencies, professionals and organizations/ventures.
  • Sharing the wealth of skills and experience of entrepreneurs and professionals with proven track records, with a view to guide and motivate other entrepreneurs.
  • Helping to conduct training programs and workshops in order to impart skills needed for entrepreneurship and offering other need based guidance and assistance.
  • Spreading the message “KERALA CAN!!! Only through entrepreneurship.”

All TiE Kerala activities are directed towards fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing entrepreneurs.  These activities would include, monthly meetings, networking meetings, company forums, Special Interest Group (SIG) programs, mentoring entrepreneurs, involving in government/public policy, etc.

TiE Kerala always had a distinct character in the form and content of its programs for their intensity, creativity and eagerness to follow hitherto uncharted course.  The series of seminars on SMEs (Family run Businesses), Women Entrepreneurship, Farm related Industries, Formation of Kerala Support Group, TiE Kerala Seed Fund, etc are few examples of such programs.

TiE Kerala normally scheduled their Monthly Meeting on last Wednesday of the month at one of the Hotels in Kochi from 06:30PM to 08:30PM followed by Networking Dinner.  At this meeting an eminent person is invited as a Chief Guest who will be requested to address/make a presentation on a subject relevant to TiE’s objectives.  In addition, we may conduct workshops/seminars as part of Special Interest Groups.  The members can also monitor various programs conducted by other chapters globally through TGS (TiE Global System) website and get access to the same, subject to their terms and conditions. 

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